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Worldwide network of professional associations

In order to increase our worldwide market penetration in the printing sector, we use our membership of various international professional associations to exchange experiences at seminars held by these industry associations.

anilox brochure

New anilox brochure

Packaged in a fresh and modern design, the new anilox brochure portrays our corporate development and provides information about our anilox rollers and services, along with our expertise in printing technology.


Zecher anilox rollers in corrugated printing

Due to the high potential in the corrugated-cardboard market, we intend to invest increasing efforts in this segment, in order to further expand the use of our Zecher anilox rollers in corrugated printing. 

Successful sales concept

We have been able, thanks to a restructuring of our approach to sales, to achieve a 12% growth in sales to more than €22 million in the course of this year.