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Worldwide network of professional associations

As part of our efforts to keep up-to-date with developments in the printing sector, we use our membership of various international professional associations to maintain a constant inflow of information on the various markets concerned, while taking the opportunity to exchange experiences at industry-expert level at seminars held by these organisations.

The increasing pace of our market penetration has coincided over the past year with membership of further association in this respect. These include the German Corrugated Board Industry Association (VDW), the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA), the Danish Flexo Forum and, in the United States, the FTA; as part of our expanding North American presence as a manufacturer and supplier of anilox rollers.

Please go to the home page of our website for an overview of our association affiliations. We are looking forward to making the many contacts that membership of these associations looks set to provide in the individual sectors concerned.