Zecher Anilox Cleaner

New: Zecher Anilox Cleaner

Finally, the time has come: From now on you can maintain your anilox rollers with Zecher quality anilox cleaners. We will present the anilox cleaning range for the first time at the upcoming LabelExpo in Brussels.

Anilox Laser Cleaning

Video on laser cleaning

We want to share our enthusiasm for laser cleaning with you – gain a deeper insight into this modern cleaning technology with our new video. 

3D model anilox engravings

3D engraving models

Since last year our sales department uses 3D-models of our anilox engravings in order to show our customers the differences in our engraving portfolio in a visual way.

SteppedHex engraving

Success of SteppedHex anilox engraving

Since the launch at last year’s Drupa event, the sales of SteppedHex anilox rollers have grown three-fold. The optimized printing results speak for themselves. 

anilox laser cleaning process

Innovative anilox laser cleaning

Benefit from our new anilox laser cleaning service now! Unlike conventional deep-cleaning methods, our innovative LaserEcoClean laser cleaning gently eliminates all ink and varnish residues. 

anilox calculator

Anilox Calculator from Zecher

Our easy-to-use anilox configuration tool is designed to determine the ideal roller specifications for your technical and printing-performance requirements.

Anilox Handling

Anilox handling

Proper anilox handling and cleaning are vital for the long service life and optimum printing performance of your rollers. Our instruction booklet gives you valuable advice in this respect.

SteppedHex engraving

Innovative SteppedHex engraving

Let yourself be convinced by the advantages of our SteppedHex engraving. There is a whole range of reasons, in addition to improved resolution and better drainage performance, for adopting this engraving technology.