Zecher Sales Network

Strong cooperation with OEMs

Our Key Account Management for the OEM business offers in-depth customer support, especially adapted to their needs. In addition to the positive feedback from our existing customers, we experience a steady increase in the number of new customers.

SteppedHex engraving

Our anilox roller in the Tresu iCoat Flexo Kit

The Tresu iCoat 30000 Coating System includes a Flexo Kit for the application of effect coatings. Due to the high performance requirements of this system, it comes equipped with a Zecher anilox roller with H.I.T. or SteppedHex engraving.

SteppedHex engraving

Gold lettering printed with SteppedHex anilox rollers

Together with Heidelberger, we supported an end-customer with the best possible solution to print gold lettering. With the requirements of the end-customer in mind, we recommended the use of our innovative SteppedHex anilox rollers.