New Sales Structure

We are changing our sales structure as of November 1, 2021, and switch to direct sales for the markets in Germany and Austria.

New coating machine expands production capacity

As a globally active manufacturer of anilox rollers made of chrome and ceramics, we are expanding our production capacities by 25% with the acquisition of an additional ceramic coating line.

Anilox roller manufacturer from Paderborn

Since Zecher GmbH was founded in Paderborn around 73 years ago, everything has been centered around anilox rollers. At Zecher, we are continuously working on improving our products and services for you. Are you looking for an individual solution for your company? At Zecher GmbH, we manufacture the best anilox roller solutions that correspond to your ideas and needs.

Our products at Zecher GmbH

At Zecher GmbH from Paderborn you will find everything you need for your anilox roller. In addition to anilox rollers and accessories, our service portfolio also includes surface coatings, hard chrome plating, inspections and cleaning as well as individual solutions. Discover the variety of products and services at Zecher Paderborn!

Ceramic anilox rollers

From the conventional anilox roller to the anilox roller sleeve you will find everything around the ceramic anilox roller at Zecher.

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Chrome anilox rollers

An alternative to the conventional anilox roller. The protective chrome plating gives our chrome anilox roller its name.

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Printing cylinder

Our Zecher printing cylinder is compatible with all machine types and its lightweight construction ensures good handling.

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Our services at Zecher

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ISO and ESKO certified

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Your anilox roller manufacturer
Together towards success

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Dates – Trade fairs

  • ICE Europe
    15.03.2022 bis 17.03.2022
    Halle A6, Stand 556
  • Labelexpo Europe
    26.04.2022 bis 29.04.2022
    Halle 5, Stand E33


Neue VertriebsstrukturGeneral news
19. October 2021

New Sales Structure for Germany and Austria

We are changing our sales structure as of November 1, 2021, and switch to direct…
New coating machineGeneral news
7. October 2021

New coating machine expands production capacity by 25%

As a globally active manufacturer of anilox rollers made of chrome and ceramics, we are…
Grafik einer Zecher-SpezifikationspyramideGeneral news
16. September 2021

Innovative SteppedHex Engraving from Zecher

Zecher GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of anilox rollers made of chrome and ceramic.…

Who is behind Zecher GmbH?

Zecher GmbH was founded in 1948 by Kurt Zecher in Paderborn. With the production of the world’s first regularly engraving Zecher anilox roller, Kurt Zecher GmbH laid the foundation for the company that is now active in over 60 countries. With further innovations such as anilox roller engraving with 45° angle for flexographic printing, the laser-engraved ceramic roller or the SteppedHex engraving presented in 2016, Zecher GmbH also manages to survive in the international market.

What makes Zecher GmbH so special?

One of our special values at Zecher is our quality principle. As an internationally represented anilox roller manufacturer, our four production plants are located exclusively in Germany. Why? The centralized production in one place enables us to control reliably and therefore keep our quality promise. We have this audited regularly and are still ISO and ESKO certified.

In addition to our endeavor to deliver only the best quality, adherence to delivery dates is also one of our core values. We are committed to delivering the promised product or service to our customers on time and reliably. It is only by means of reliability, quality and continuous improvement that can we achieve our objectives together with our partners and ensure the long-term success of Zecher GmbH.

Customer testimonials

Zecher is a very trustable anilox supplier.
There visits twice a year is greatly appreciated. The local agents CV Print and Pak is providing
a great service to us

Zibo Plastics

The reliability and support is unsurpassed. Thanks for a great product that we can rely on
which enhance our profitability. The regular visits and support from your local agent is

Afripack Flexibles

We at CTP have chosen to use the Zecher anilox as a preference as we find they optimize our
printability. There is the added advantage of CV Print and Pak always on hand to handle any issues
or offer advice.

CTP Flexibles

Zecher supplies good quality anilox rollers and sleeves. It is nice to have a reliable and
knowledgeable agent calling on us regularly. Thanks for the support

Tropic Plastics

Certificates from Zecher GmbH