Anilox roller accessories

We help you meet your individual anilox roller challenges. With our selection of anilox roller accessories, you can optimally protect your rollers during and between printing processes while reducing set up times and increasing process efficiency. No matter what your goals are, we have the anilox roller accessories to meet them.

Accessories for anilox rollers: Anilox roller protective covers

Wrap your printing rollers in a safe place: With our protective mats and covers, you reinforce your anilox rollers against external influences. The surfaces of your rollers are sensitive to mechanical damage. In order to guarantee an optimum condition of your anilox roller in the long term, use our anilox roller accessories. We offer our protective covers and protective mats as a type-specific solution or tailored to your needs.

Appropriate solutions

In addition to the standard model made of PVC with Velcro (blue), you can also get a protective mat made of PVC flat material with a foam coating (gray) from us. Our protective covers (red) are made of GRP fabric and have a padded finish on the side. Your anilox sleeves will feel particularly comfortable in our protective covers.

Custom-made anilox roller accessories

Since our anilox rollers are tailored to your personal requirements, the dimensions vary depending on the anilox roller. In order for our covers to provide perfect protection for your anilox rollers, they have to fit exactly. That is why we manufacture all of our protective covers according to the individual dimensions of your anilox rollers.

Sleeve cleaning adapter

Do you clean your anilox sleeves in cleaning systems and the result is dirt and corrosion? While cleaning the surface of the sleeve, you need to make sure that you are adequately protecting the inner workings of your sleeves. Protect your anilox sleeves from avoidable damage by using our sleeve cleaning adapters.

Accessories anilox roller sleeves: More efficiency in your sleeve cleaning

With the rubber seal on the side of the covers of our anilox roller accessories, you protect the inner body of your anilox roller sleeves from soiling. In addition, the applied spring tension compensates for any expansion of the sleeve, which can result from temperature control of the cleaning baths.

However, the spring tension should only be so high that the cover seals well and there is no breaking stress on the anilox sleeve. Our cleaning adapters are made of solvent-resistant material and therefore enable you to use them for a long time.

Custom-made anilox roller accessories: Our cleaning adapters are available for every sleeve size, just send us the technical data of your anilox sleeves.

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ColorTags: Accessories for anilox rollers and sleeves

How does the printer identify the anilox roller in inking unit X or in the warehouse at location Y? How can mix-ups and the resulting unnecessary setup times be avoided? It goes without saying that all of our anilox rollers have their own identification number. But are the existing labels placed by the manufacturer in such a way that you can easily recognize them?

All information on one point

In the basic version, ColorTags are colored markings in the face area of the sleeve or the anilox roller. The colors make it easy for you to see them optically regardless of the position of the roller in the printing unit. This way you will quickly identify the current set of rollers in the printing press and avoid wasting time searching for it.

If you would like to keep an overview:

The specific identification system answers these questions immediately, makes it easier to use and makes your printing processes a great deal more efficient. You can also use an ink combination in order to be able to read information about the pick-up volume of the engraving in addition to the ink marking for the engraving ruler.

EasyMount: Assembly aids as accessories for rollers

With our EasyMount assembly aids, you receive a wide range of installation support that helps you to more efficient processes with 4 functions. You benefit from more protection, security, convenience and speed. You can get them from us for all Fischer & Krecke, as well as for Nilpeter anilox roller sleeves.

Roller accessories as protection against damage and corrosion

Have you already had unpleasant experiences with the chipped ceramic edge of an anilox sleeve? Then you will also know the reduced ability of the anilox roller sleeves to be sleeved on and off the air mandrel, which occurs as a result. The cause is often soiling of the inner sleeve, often also inks, solvents or cleaning fluids that have penetrated your sleeve.

Our EasyMount assembly aids are made of anodized aluminum and protect your anilox sleeves from mechanical damage in the edge area of the ceramic. The anodizing process enables additional protection against corrosion and is also significantly less sensitive to scratches than an untreated, lacquered or powder-coated aluminum surface. You only need to remove our EasyMount assembly aids when using roller cleaners outside the printing machine.

Safe and convenient use

As installation support, our EasyMount assembly aids ensure that your anilox roller sleeves are safely guided by means of an ergonomically perfect recessed grip. In addition, this enables you to use it conveniently and makes changing print jobs easier.

Fast print job changes thanks to easy identification

You can choose your EasyMount assembly aids in the colors red, blue, green, yellow, black and aluminum. They stand out richly in contrast in your anilox roller storage and allow you to classify the specification of your anilox roller quickly.

Of course, we will engrave your EasyMount assembly aid with the serial number of your anilox roller as well as its specification and the optionally available I.T.S.® surface treatment.

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Anilox roller accessories from Zecher GmbH

At Zecher GmbH you will find a large selection of accessories for anilox rollers and sleeves. We know what is important in the printing business. With more than 70 years of experience in the anilox roller business, we know what your anilox roller should do and where delays and damage can occur. With our accessories for rollers, you can protect, classify and clean your anilox rollers and sleeves reliably and save money. Do you have any questions? Let our anilox roller experts advise you on the right anilox roller accessories free of charge and without obligation!