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The anilox roller is essential for the printing machine: Its performance has a direct impact on the quality of your print results. Each industry has different requirements for the performance of the printing roller. With us you have the choice between different designs, roller bodies, coatings, different engraving technologies and much more.

Our types of anilox rollers

The basic body of the anilox roller consists of steel, aluminum or plastic and is covered by a surface layer. The material of the surface layer also determines the name of the anilox roller. A distinction is made between the ceramic and the chrome anilox roller.

Chromrasterwalze Zecher GmbH

Ceramic rollers/sleeves

Keramikrasterwalze Zecher GmbH

Chrome anilox roller

The anilox roller: Structure and function

The anilox roller is part of a printing ink unit and, as a storage medium, is responsible for providing a defined amount of ink during the printing process. There are tiny depressions on the surface of the anilox rollers. Depending on the anilox roller engraving, these depressions are pits, cavities or lines that are filled with ink during the printing process. The amount of ink emitted by the anilox roller during the printing process sometimes depends on the anilox roller engraving and its geometry. At Zecher GmbH, we know the specific printing requirements of different industries and can help you to find the right anilox roller for your printing project. Just talk to us!

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Areas of application of the anilox roller

Our anilox rolls and sleeves can be easily adapted to your specific requirements. This allows you to realize tailormade industry solutions with us.

Label & sticker printing:Custom-made anilox rollers for every requirement

Label printing enables an extreme range of substrates. Our custom-made Zecher anilox rollers and sleeves are tailored to this variety of applications and therefore ensure ideal printing results. Regardless of whether it concerns bottle labels, barcode labels or type or serial plates, we produce the optimum solution for every label printing requirement and therefore cover the entire spectrum of printing and finishing options. You can choose between our established ceramic anilox roll with steel cylinder or our lighter sleeves for faster job changes. Our customization options also allow you to contact us with special requirements.

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Etikettendruck, Verpackungsdruck und Labeldruck mit Rasterwalzen der Zecher GmbH
Zecher Rasterwalzen Besichtungsmaschine

Packaging printing: High quality standards for refined results

Packaging has to become more and more sophisticated, lighter and cheaper. A great challenge that you can meet. With our anilox rollers, you can also print packaging with water-based inks and thus make your contribution to environmentally friendly printing. The excellent depuration behavior of our anilox rollers allows you to transfer the ink in a perfectly defined manner, giving you consistent print quality. This allows you to concentrate on your actual task – printing!

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Corrugated cardboard printing:Highest individual requirements

Corrugated cardboard printing has developed considerably in recent years, both in pre-print and post-print. In addition to traditional jobs, fine lines with increasing quality standards are the order of the day. Thanks to our decades of experience in the printing industry, we are very familiar with the special features of corrugated board printing. Our high-quality anilox rollers can also be customized for the special requirements of corrugated board and deliver consistently excellent results.

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Zecher Rasterwalzen Wellpappendruck
Zecher Rasterwalzen für den Offsetdruck

Anilox roller offset printing:Large area printing in offset printing

Packaging, brochures and catalogs or large-area printing in offset printing – with our printing roller solutions you can stand out from the crowd with high-quality finishing. Our ceramic anilox rollers convince in a wide variety of applications, from homogeneous surfaces to extensive paint applications. In addition, you can use our Zecher anilox rollers in all coating systems, they always benefit from stable lying behavior and high mileage.

+ Finishing

Lacquering: Lacquering offers you countless creative design options. With our anilox rollers, we ensure the ideal implementation when used with dispersion, UV or blister lacquers. Thanks to special geometries, our ceramic anilox rollers are perfectly tailored to the requirements of various lacquer finishes. From high-gloss coatings to unusual applications, with our anilox roller engravings you can achieve homogeneous surfaces with up to 95 gloss points.
Effect lacquering: With a wide range of finishing options you can give your prints that certain something. We have developed special engraving shapes for you that open up various options for effect lacquering, for example gold and silver lacquers, iriodine or matt-gloss effects (drip-off).
WA rubber coating: Re-wettable rubber coatings are used for mailings, application forms, order forms or award stamp systems. Thanks to an intensive series of research in cooperation with well-known adhesive manufacturers, we can also apply a WA rubber coating to your substrate using the anilox roller via the coating unit.

Coating:The right solution for every requirement in the coating area

In addition to the flexographic printing process, our anilox rollers are also used in various coating machines. Lacquering, siliconization, adhesives or hot melt – the possibilities and requirements in the coating area are diverse and demanding. In addition, your anilox rollers have to withstand various influences during the printing process. With our various surface finishes, we ensure that you will benefit from the high quality of our anilox rollers for a long time.
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Silicone: Silicone coatings are becoming increasingly popular due to their high temperature tolerance, chemical resistance and high release effect. Our Zecher anilox roller solutions in the coating area enable you to siliconize high-quality films, adhesive tapes and papers.
Hot melt: Our ceramic hot-melt rollers have a significantly longer service life than steel or chrome cylinders. Partial engraving only laser-engraves the areas that will later be transferred by hot-melt. As a result, this anilox roller solution offers you a high potential for saving resources.
Adhesive application: Today, packaging technology can no longer be imagined without adhesives in countless other areas of application. Our Zecher anilox rollers enable you to apply a clean adhesive that you can reliably reproduce. Our chrome rollers in particular are in great demand in this application due to their very good emptying behavior.
Melamine resin coating: Roller coating with melamine resin is mostly used in furniture and interior design to give surfaces their smooth, liquid-resistant and scratch-resistant properties. With our Zecher anilox roller solutions, you can make ideal use of the advantages of this roller coating.
PVDC coating: Roller coatings made of polyvinylidene chloride, or PVDC for short, are used in the field of barrier films. Our specially designed anilox roller solutions can also be used in this segment for high-quality performance of your end products. Due to their special nature, you also benefit from a longer term.

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Anilox roller engravings

The right engraving technology for every area of application – we have the ideal anilox roller engraving ready for you.

Hexa 60°

Hexa 60° ist unsere etablierte Standard-Gravur, mit der Sie hochwertige Druckergebnisse in der Flexodruck- oder Beschichtungsindustrie realisieren.


Our innovative SteppedHex engraving gives you the opportunity to increase the lines without losing volume thanks to a unique cavity connection. This allows you to print a finer screen without having to accept any significant losses in solid tone density. You can use this anilox engraving technology with all ink systems.


You get the extra portion of white coverage with our H.I.T. engraving, it opens up new ways for you for opaque white, lacquer and special colors. Our H.I.T.-engraving is a classic Hexa 60° anilox roller engraving, which is characterized by an optimized cavity geometry. With our H.I.T. engraving, you can achieve higher ink transfer with less ink. We can recommend this anilox engraving technology especially for coating units in offset printing and for coating machines.

Diamond 45°

Diamond 45° is one of our first engraving forms and is now mostly replaced technologically by the Hexa 60°. We continue to recommend their use in special areas of application.


The open engraving technology Trihelical (also called Hashur) is used to expand the standard engraving spectrum or as a technical alternative. Their open engraving line structure enables a very good transfer. If you are active in large-area printing and coating, we can particularly recommend this type of engraving.


Do you need high-resolution print results? Then this anilox roller engraving technology is probably just right for you. Our HD ready or full HD anilox roller engravings enable you to print in perfect HD quality. On top of that, our HD anilox roller engravings are certified by Esko.

Customized engraving technology

With customized engraving technology, we provide you with tailor-made anilox roller solutions, specially tailored to your requirements. With individually designed TIFF data, we can engrave your customer-specific solutions on our lasers. Our customized technology is the right choice for your special shapes and areas of application.

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