Ceramic anilox rollers

Our ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves are characterized by precision, durability and reliability. Our laser-engraved anilox rollers with ceramic coating and ceramic sleeves are frequently used in flexographic printing. However, they can also be used for other printing processes. Contact us for your individualization options.

The structure of our innovative ceramic anilox rollers

We go beyond the standard: Let yourself be won over by innovative roller solutions with maximum durability and accuracy. To enable this long-lasting quality, we apply an anti-corrosion layer as an intermediate carrier to our ceramic anilox rolls in an additional work step. During the subsequent ceramic grinding, an additional conciliation process takes place at a significantly reduced speed. Each anilox roller receives an additional fine polishing with a diamond-coated abrasive belt. Through this process, you benefit from a long and reliable service life of the ceramic anilox roller and an outstanding print result.

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Your advantages
with our ceramic anilox rollers

Increased corrosion protection

Optimum handling

Fast response to changing color requirements

Long service life thanks to high-quality materials

High repeatability (TIR)

High thermal stability

Fast, hassle-free changing

Cost savings thanks to fewer rejects and less ink

Your advantages with our ceramic anilox rollers:

Function and areas of application of ceramic anilox rollers

Anilox rollers have become an indispensable technology for the printing industry. The corresponding equipment should therefore be just as progressive as the printing industry. That is why we have made it our business to offer you individual and innovative ceramic anilox rollers. These rollers are perfect for flexo and offset printing.

As early as 1982, a printing roller with a ceramic surface was used in the USA for the first time. Since then, innovative technologies have enabled ever better print results. Ceramic has the advantage for anilox rollers that the desired structures can be created very precisely with a carbon dioxide or YAG laser. In addition, ceramic is considered an extremely robust material and ensures a long service life for your ceramic anilox rollers.

Ceramic anilox rollers with laser engraving

Ceramic serves as a functional layer and forms the basis for the laser engraving of our anilox rollers. For this we use established and high-quality chromium oxide ceramics (Cr2O3), which are characterized by good melting behavior and high density. Equally important is their ability to be engraved by a high-energy laser beam. Thanks to modern laser technology, we can incorporate highly efficient cavity structures of the best quality into the ceramic surface of anilox rollers. We place high demands on the materials we use to ensure impeccable quality and durability.

Ceramic anilox rollers for flexographic printing

For the use of an anilox roller in high-quality flexographic printing, in addition to the structure of the base roller, the quality of the ceramic surface is of essential importance. The quality of the ceramic coating determines the precision, the printing properties and the long-term performance of the ceramic anilox roller. Our ceramic coatings made of high-quality chrome oxide ceramics have a high degree of hardness and are resistant to wear and tear due to abrasion. Thanks to optimum non-stick properties, the ink pick up and delivery of our ceramic anilox rollers can be easily controlled. This not only saves you effort, but also material and therefore costs.

Anilox roller sleeves made of ceramic

Even if normal anilox rollers are often still used in the printing industry, so-called anilox roller sleeves offer enormous advantages and are becoming increasingly popular. You can visibly improve your processes with our ceramic sleeves for anilox rollers, especially for short print jobs. In printing machines specially designed for this application, anilox roller sleeves are already the preferred roller type. We enable you to assemble and disassemble the anilox sleeves safely with a compressible layer. Due to the lightweight aluminum body with a lower weight than conventional anilox rollers, our anilox roller sleeves can be easily and safely mounted or dismounted.

Notes on sleeve handling

Please note that the installation and removal of the ceramic sleeves should only be carried out by trained specialists. The operating instructions and their safety instructions must be observed. For more information, see our sleeve handling video..

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Engravings for your ceramic anilox rollers

We have the right engraving technology with our anilox rollers for you for every area of application!

Hexa 60°

Hexa 60° is our established standard engraving, with which you can achieve high-quality printing results in the flexographic printing or coating industry.


Our innovative SteppedHex engraving gives you the opportunity to increase the lines without losing volume thanks to a unique cavity connection. As a result, you print a finer screen and still do not have to accept any significant losses in solid tone density. You can use this anilox engraving technology with all ink systems.


You get the extra portion of white coverage with our H.I.T. engraving. It opens up new avenues for you for opaque white, lacquer and special inks. Behind our H.I.T. engraving there is a classic Hexa 60° anilox roller engraving, which is characterized by an optimized cavity geometry. With our H.I.T. engraving, you can achieve higher ink transfer with less ink. We can recommend this anilox engraving technology especially for lacquering units in offset printing and for coating machines.

Diamond 45°

Diamond 45 is one of our first engraving technologies and has now been technologically replaced by the Hexa 60°. In special applications, however, we still recommend the use of Diamond 45°.


Trihelical is an open engraving technology (also called Hashur), which is used to expand the standard engraving spectrum or as a technical alternative. The open engraving line structure enables you a very good transfer. If you produce large-area prints and coatings, we particularly recommend this type of engraving.


Do you need high-resolution print results? Then this Full HD engraving technology is just right for you. Our HD-ready or Full-HD anilox roller engravings enable you to print in flawless quality. In addition, our HD anilox roller engravings are Esko-certified.

Customized engraving technology

Our customized engraving technology is a tailor-made anilox roller solution that is specially tailored to your requirements. With individually designed TIFF data, we can engrave your customer-specific solutions on our lasers. Our customized technology is the right choice for your special shapes and areas of application.

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