Chrome anilox rollers

Despite the widespread use of ceramic anilox rollers, chrome anilox rollers are the preferred choice for certain applications. We would be happy to explain when the chrome anilox roller is the right choice for your company and what advantages an anilox roller with chrome coating has.

Structure and areas of application of chrome anilox rollers

The chrome anilox roller corresponds to the original design of the anilox roller and consists of a steel or stainless steel roller blank. A copper layer is electroplated onto the roller blank of the chrome rollers. A protective chrome plating is then applied to the workpiece by means of an electrolytic bath, which gives the chrome anilox roller its name.

The chrome roller is mainly used in coating. Compared to a ceramic roller, the surface is much smoother and has better emptying. As copper is very soft, the engraving is protected against abrasive wear (doctor blade) by chrome-plating the surface.

Diamond engraving for your chrome anilox roller

The engraving is made in a special copper-plated surface on the chrome anilox rollers. In this process, each cavity is individually struck by a diamond. Compared to other processes, electronic engraving offers absolute evenness of the cavity geometry and an optimum pick-up volume. We can tailor this process to your requirements.

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More products besides the chrome anilox roller

Are you looking for an anilox roller with a chrome coating for your company? We have them! And that is not all! In addition to anilox rollers such as the ceramic or chrome roller, you will also find other products for your printing project.


Ceramic anilox roller

Chromrasterwalze Zecher

Printing cylinder


Anilox roller accessories

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Increased corrosion protection

Multi-phase mechanical knurling

Cost savings thanks to fewer rejects and less ink

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Long service life thanks to high-quality materials

Uniform raster

Lowest T.I.R. value

Precise and modern engravings

Your advantages
with our chrome anilox rollers

Chromrasterwalze Zecher GmbH

New production and reconditioning of your chrome anilox rollers

We allow your used anilox rollers to shine in new splendor. In addition to the new manufacture of printing rollers, we recondition your already used printing rollers in-house, regardless of the roller manufacturer. This saves you the costs for a new production and your print results are shown again in top quality.

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And to ensure that your chrome anilox roller delivers long-lasting excellent printing results, we also offer maintenance services for your chrome roller.


Anilox roller inspection


Roller cleaner

Rasterwalzen Oberflächenveredelung I.T.S.

Surface finishing

Trust in many years of experience in the anilox roller industry, high quality principles, a strong corporate mission with a view to sustainability and environmental protection and let us advise you now!

Chrome anilox roller at Zecher GmbH
Benefit from the many great advantages of Zecher GmbH when you buy your chrome rollers!


Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes based on the latest technological standards, we can act in a resource-saving and low-emission manner and make our contribution to protecting our environment.

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Customer satisfaction is one of our most important values and the guiding principle of our daily business. By working closely with our customers, we gain a better understanding of the requirements and needs of our customers and align our collaboration with them.

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We are a partner you can rely on. For us, timely, reliable and high quality products and services are our top priority. Only by means of binding agreements and adherence to delivery dates have we been able to establish sales partners all over the world and maintain them to this day.

Continuous improvement

If you rest, you rust. In order to ensure the long-term success of us, but also of our sales partners and customers, we are continuously working on further developing ourselves and our processes. We have been able to prove this over the past 70 years and can proudly look back on the latest manufacturing processes, trained employees and regular process innovations.

Trust in our expertise, quality and reliability and find the right individual industry solution for your print job!

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Chrome roller engraving techniques

At Zecher GmbH you get the right engraving technology. for every area of application. Let us advise you personally about your options!

Hexa 60°:

Hexa 60 is our established standard engraving, with which you can achieve high-quality printing results in the flexographic printing or coating industry.

Diamond 45°:

Diamond 45 is one of our first engraving technologies and has now been technologically replaced by the Hexa 60°. In special applications, however, we still recommend the use of Diamond 45°.


Trihelical is an open engraving technology (also called Hashur), which is used to expand the standard engraving spectrum or as a technical alternative. The open engraving line structure enables you a very good transfer. If you produce large-area prints and coatings, we particularly recommend this type of engraving.

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