Research and development

We work every day to ensure that you can make the best possible use of your printing potential. This includes thinking outside the box and helping to shape the future of the anilox roller. That is why we have our own research and development department that takes care of your challenges and develops sustainable solutions for you. In order to familiarize you with our work, you will find a selection of our services in the context of research and development here.


Optimization of set-up times

Belt rollers with new/alternative engravings

Support during the initial start-up

Support for special projects

Printing training

Anilox Roller Measuring Instrument

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SteppedHex engraving technology

Our SteppedHex technology is characterized by a unique and specially offset cavity geometry. We have had this innovative engraving structure protected by a German utility model. It is based on the well-known 60° angle, with a connection of three consecutive conventional cavities and therefore forms an alternative engraving shape. So that you can make the best possible use of the advantages of the open SteppedHex engraving, we have ideally matched the resolution levels (L/cm) to the respective volume and area of application.

Higher resolution without loss of volume

Suitable for all ink systems

Better emptying behavior

Even and homogeneous ink transfer

Optimize your print results

With our SteppedHex engraving, you benefit from higher ruling on your anilox rollers without significantly losing volume in the print. A smooth run of your doctor blade on the anilox roller surface is also supported by this technology. Our SteppedHex anilox rollers are particularly characterized by the specially offset engraving, which allows you to achieve optimum conditions in the print gap. Optimum cleaning of your anilox rollers can have a noticeable effect on your printing results.

Forschung und Entwicklung: Hex-Oberfläche
Forschung und Entwicklung: Steppenhex

The unique cavity shape and its radial arrangement of the SteppedHex engraving supports the emptying of the cavities and consequently the cleaning of your anilox roller, especially with the automatic washing device in your printing machine. But that is not all: The adapted resolution levels (L/cm) and the specific offset enable you to have a defined and optimum support of the printing form, both in the area of the combination and in the finer raster.

Is this anilox roller technology also suitable for your area of application? The ink transfer facilitated by the cavity shape enables you to use it with all ink systems. The transfer of white, lacquer, gold or silver in the print as well as with special media in the coating has proven to be particularly uniform and homogeneous. We will be happy to advise you regarding special printing applications and together we will find an anilox solution for your requirements.

SteppedHex engraving

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Innovation laser cleaning

In addition to the daily basic cleaning, regular deep cleaning is of decisive importance for high-quality printing results. After laser cleaning, the pick-up volume of your anilox rollers can be used again optimally and you benefit from uniform coloring in the printing process, just as you did at the beginning.

Advantages of our laser cleaning

Conventional cleaning methods often only remove residues incompletely. In contrast, microscopic images show that the cavity bottoms of a printing roller cleaned with laser cleaning shines like that of a new roller. The cleaning removes all ink or lacquer residues without damaging the micro-structured surface of your anilox roller.

Choose the environmentally friendly process:

No hazardous waste, therefore environmentally friendly

No harmful chemicals necessary

No consumables, therefore lower acquisition and disposal costs

The cleaning process

Various surfaces have been cleaned with lasers for years. With laser cleaning, however, the cleaning process is coordinated in such a way that the micro-structured ceramic surface of your anilox rollers can be cleaned without damage.

This technology is based on the thermomechanical effect. The absorption of laser radiation leads to the instantaneous expansion of the dirt in the cavities, which changes the thermomechanical properties of the material. A shock wave forms which destroys the adhesion between the ink and the ceramic. With this laser cleaning we use a relatively low power density of the laser radiation, so that the ceramic surface temperature remains well below the melting temperature. In this way we guarantee a gentle cleaning process for your anilox rollers.

Our application recommendations

While your anilox rollers are in use, the cavities can become clogged with ink residue, which reduces the volume of the cavities. We therefore recommend that you clean your rollers at least twice a year with laser cleaning to counteract this process.

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