Anilox roller inspection

Regular anilox roller inspections are essential to achieve optimum long-term printing results. Only through regular anilox roller testing and condition analysis can you make your processes as economical as possible. With our offers for roller analysis, you get an overview and know exactly what your printing rollers are currently doing. We use modern measuring methods to assess the condition of your anilox rollers as best as possible. And if the analysis reveals insufficient performance of your rollers, we will find the right solution for you!

Condition analysis: Have your anilox roller checked

During a comprehensive anilox roller inspection, our trained experts examine the body of your anilox roller and the roller engraving. From the anilox roller test of the mechanical properties to the engraving analysis with our high-resolution measuring microscopes, we take a close look at your anilox roller.

Would you also like to know how deep cleaning affects your anilox rollers? We test it for you by documenting the pick-up volume before and after using roller cleaners and evaluating the results for you. We use methods established on the market such as MicroDynamics or AniCAM to measure the theoretical pick-up volume of your printing roller. With these results, we can give you specification recommendations tailored to your previous rollers and therefore enable you to improve the printing results.

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AniloxStrips: Anilox roller inspection without disassembly or sending

Have you been looking for a way to carry out a qualified analysis of the condition of your anilox rollers in an uncomplicated manner? Then send us a fingerprint of your anilox roller! Our AniloxStrips method enables a roller analysis without disassembling or sending your anilox rollers. This saves you time and money.

How the AniloxStrips work

The surface structure of your roller is copied by sticking a self-adhesive test strip to three different places on your roller. The actual measuring field is indicated by a round window made of white Mylar film in the adhesive strip. At this point the metal foil is pressed onto the roller surface with a small box. This imprint is a complete image of the engraved surface structure and can be assessed and measured microscopically. The strips are then glued to a form and sent to us in Paderborn for anilox roller inspection.

Remote diagnosis: Precise evaluation of the anilox roller test

Despite the uncomplicated procedure, you will receive a comprehensive and precise roller inspection. In our modern laboratory in Paderborn we work with powerful microscopes that have precise measuring devices. This enables us to measure precisely the raster width, angle, web width, etc. With a maximum of 1000x magnification, we make a detailed assessment even with very fine engravings. In addition to displaying the surface structure in high image quality, we can also generate a three-dimensional image of your roller surface that shows you the structure of the engraving realistically. This is how we create a precise anilox roller inspection for you without the need to disassemble or send your anilox roller!

Rasterwalzen-Insepktion Zustandsanalyse
Drucktechnik: Zustandsanalyse AniloxStrips

An AniloxStrip – diverse application possibilities

In addition to the remote condition analysis of your anilox roller, you can also use our AniloxStrips to find out more about the properties of your anilox rollers. This becomes interesting when you want to order your anilox rollers from Zecher for the first time and do not know the characteristics of your previous rollers. Simply use our AniloxStrips to examine the properties of your previous rollers so that you can achieve reliable printing results with your first order from Zecher.

In addition, many of our customers use the AniloxStrip process to get an overview of the condition of the entire inventory of anilox rollers by means of roller inspections. A regular anilox roller inspection enables you to calculate the wear processes of your rollers better. This means that you can plan to replace your rollers in good time. If you discover wear and tear on your rollers in good time, you can often fall back on more cost-effective solutions than a new manufacture. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on our comprehensive range of services.

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VoluCheck: Check the engraving volume of your anilox roller

During the anilox roller inspection with our established measuring method, we determine the engraving volume and the general condition of your anilox rollers in the shortest possible time. You will find out whether it is necessary to clean the rollers you are using and whether there are any signs of wear and tear on your rollers.

Our VoluCheck process

We place a measuring spot on your roller and transfer it to paper. We read in the stain with a scanning device and save it as a bitmap file (* .bmp). With a simple click of the mouse, we will then determine the volume of your roller. We have the option of using several measuring points so that, for example, we can carry out three measurements on the right of your roller and three measurements on the left of your roller at the same time. With the help of the evaluation, you will very quickly receive a statement about the condition of your anilox roller and the determined volume.

Rasterwalzen-Inspektion Zustandsanalyse

Anilox roller inspection by Zecher GmbH

Our research and development departmentworks every day to optimize printing processes as best as possible, to simplify anilox roller inspections and to extend the service life of your anilox rollers by means of surface coatings. This applies to our chrome anilox rollers and ceramic anilox rollers as well as to our printing cylinders. Trust in over 70 years of experience in the anilox roller industry and let the experts carry out your anilox roller inspection!

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