Surface finishing

Like roller coating, surface finishings protect your anilox rollers from external effects because – unfortunately – you just can’t avoid all of them. If you want your prints to have prolonged, reliable quality, then get your printing rollers sealed with a protective shield. That’s why our researchers have developed both our special Zechercor and I.T.S® surface finishings:

Oberflächenveredelung Korrosionsschutz

Zechercor Corrosion Protection


Rasterwalze: Chromrasterwalze

Hard Chrome Plating

Zechercor Corrosion Protection for Aluminum Rollers

Increasing demand for optimized anti-corrosion systems in the past prompted us to do some intensive research. The result is our innovative surface finishing that will arm your  anilox rollers against avoidable corrosion damage.

Anti-corrosion process

We equip corrosion-risk sections of the anilox rollers using a 2-component coating system with a defined layering thickness that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions. In addition, a lightly repellent coating surface develops thanks to its adjusted coating matrix with special filler particles. This means the coated component areas are less adhesive, therefore allowing for easier cleaning.

The Expoxy Resin Hardener System, which we are promoting here, is a temperature and chemical-resistant surface finishing that will give your anilox rollers a high level of protection against corrosion and abrasion on diverse substrates, even in aggressive environments. Alongside our Zechercor Corrosion Protection, we provide further surface finishings for your anilox rollers such as hard chrome Plating and I.T.S® roller finishing. Get advice from our experts on the right roller finishing for you!

Our I.T.S.® Surface Finishing’s Advantages

Our I.T.S® roller finishing offer great advantages compared to conventional surface finishings:

Minimal ink permeation

Better emptying behavior

Increased service life, even with chrome rollers

An investment for the roller’s lifetime

Easier cleaning

Our I.T.S.® Surface Finishing’s Advantages

Our I.T.S® roller finishing offer great advantages compared to conventional surface finishings:

I.T.S.® Roller Finishing for Optimum Performance

With our ITS® roller finishing, you can significantly improve your anilox rollers’ performance thanks to an optimized emptying behavior. Under the name I.T.S.®, we have developed a brand new production technology for surface finishing for both conventional chrome rollers and laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers. I.T.S.® stands for Invisible Treatment System and is meant to highlight the invisibility of roller finishing.

How I.T.S.® works

I.T.S.® is a surface finishing that changes the molecular structure of the ceramic and condenses it. Our surface finishings don’t involve any coating or sealing processes. Instead, we obtain certain surface qualities by changing the fabric of the chrome or ceramic layers using a special plasma technology in the vacuum. Want to know more about the our innovative ITS® technology? We’d be happy to assist you!

Rasterwalzen Oberflächenveredelung I.T.S.

Surface Finishing as an Investment in Durability and Quality

Our surface treatment prevents ink contamination right from the outset by inhibiting the ceramic layer’s absorbency. As a result, I.T.S.®-treated rollers have a longer service life, better emptying behavior and are much easier to clean. The latter is particularly effective for ceramic anilox rollers in conjunction with watery and 2K color systems. Our light-microscopic, invisible finishing doesn’t wear out or disintegrate and can’t be stripped away by external impacts.

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Surface Finishing with Hard Chrome Plating

Nowadays, more and more complex features are required for surfaces. With a trendsetting, hard-chrome plated surface you’ll be able to combine a wide range of mechanical and technical characteristics in one anilox roller coating. With its extreme hardness and high wear and corrosion protection, you’ll be able to use your workpieces for a range of purposes.

Hard Chrome Plating Quality

Unlike the decorative polished chrome, as used in motorbike parts for example, hard chrome can be applied in considerably thicker layers to allow for several millimeters’ thickness regardless of use. Polished chrome plating has a thickness of only a few thousandths of a millimeter per layer. Depending on how much the chrome-plated workpiece is used mechanically or chemically, the thickness of the chrome layer is usually only between 5 and 500µm. We can even adjust the hardness of the chrome plating to your area of application’s needs and vary it between 900 and 1100HV.

Chromrasterwalze Zecher GmbH

Our Processing Options: Oversize and Dimensional Hard Chrome Plating

Depending on the workpiece’s use, we apply different chrome plating methods. With our dimensional hard chrome plating, we achieve fitting precision in narrow tolerances without needing to rework the workpieces. Dimensional hard chrome plating also offers many economic advantages as no grinding is required. In contrast, with oversize hard chrome plating we apply a thicker layer of up to 1mm and grind it into dimension. We usually apply this process to workpieces with especially high wear and tear requirements.

Surface Finishing’s Uses

Hard chrome plated surfaces can be applied in a diverse range of areas: From the foil industry’s engraved rollers to the food industry’s cooling cylinders and the automotive industry’s shock absorbers, they bring many advantages to many different fields. Hard chrome plating’s anti-adhesive nature is of particular advantage in coating and printing technology. Our hard chrome plating is specially designed to act as a surface finishing for highly complex geometric component shapes and is able to take on the challenge of even the most complicated shapes. Want to know how getting hard chrome plating for your workpieces could benefit your industry? We will be happy to help.

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Zecher GmbH: Surface Finishings and More

We will be happy to help you find the right surface finish for your anilox roller. Extend the service life of your anilox roller with a protective shield applied by us and rely on the experience of our developers. Contact us to learn more about the possible process optimizations through our surface finishing.
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