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Anilox Rollers
Anilox Sleeve in Label Printing Machine

Label printing

Whether you require bottle labels, barcodes or type/serial-number plates, we manufacture the right anilox roller for every label-printing requirement, while offering a full range of printing and finishing options.

Flexible Packaging Machine Windmöller & Hölscher

Flexible packaging

Printed packaging is a key differentiating factor in sectors ranging from food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to large electrical appliances. Our print rollers are made to the high functional standards that packaging of this quality requires.


When it comes to packaging, brochures, catalogues and large-format offset-printed items, we offer optimum, high-quality anilox-roller printing and finishing solutions that let you stand out from the crowd. We are also on hand, with all our manufacturing expertise, to advise you on the right choice of anilox roller.

Coating Industry: Kroenert Machine


With high-gloss finishes, rubberising and metallic colours all available, the possibilities and requirements of such coatings are both diverse and demanding. As anilox experts, we deliver outstanding results for you based on a high level of process reliability.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

This material, which was once just humble transport packing, has now become a key advertising medium, with printing requirements that demand top quality and maximum processing efficiency. Zecher anilox rollers can be customised to meet your own processing needs in this respect.

Zecher Application Technology Team

Individual solutions

The challenges that printing involves are many and varied. As roller manufacturers, we can develop ideal solutions for your needs regarding both printing results and processing performance.

Member of Associations


Trade Fairs in Latin America

Andinapack Plastimagen Logo

Due to the great future potential in Latin America, we will this year present our customers our latest anilox technologies on both the Andinapack (Colombia) and the Plastimagen (Mexico) trade fairs.

New: Zecher Anilox Cleaner

Zecher Anilox Cleaner

Finally, the time has come: From now on you can maintain your anilox rollers with Zecher quality anilox cleaners. We will present the anilox cleaning range for the first time at the upcoming LabelExpo in Brussels.

Video on laser cleaning

Anilox Laser Cleaning

We want to share our enthusiasm for laser cleaning with you – gain a deeper insight into this modern cleaning technology with our new video. 


Ceramic anilox rollers

Conventional rollers

Our tried-and-tested standard solution is available in various versions


Anilox sleeves deliver extra flexibility for your printing process

CFF rollers

The lightweight member of Zecher's range of anilox rollers

Replacement versus refurbishment

We refurbish the print rollers of all manufacturers

Ceramic Anilox Roller

The “ceramic” functioning layer provides a basis for the laser engraving of our anilox rollers. We use tried-and-tested chromium oxide ceramics (Cr2O3) for this purpose, given their characteristic melting properties, density and - in particular - their suitability for high-energy laser engraving. We place high demands on material quality in this respect. This means that your Zecher anilox rollers will have a long and reliable useful life as they deliver excellent print results.


07. Nov. 2017 - 10. Nov. 2017Plastimagen Mexico City, Mexico MORE INFORMATION


Mexico City, Mexico

from 07. November. 2017 to 10. November. 2017

At Plastimagen in Mexico City, we will be present at the stand of our sales partner, Incotécnica, to provide you with lots of valuable information about our anilox rollers solutions for all of the different areas of application.

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11. Oct. 2017 - 12. Oct. 2017Sweflex Seminar Sunne, Sweden MORE INFORMATION

Sweflex Seminar

Sunne, Sweden

from 11. October. 2017 to 12. October. 2017

The seminar of the Sweflex (Swedish flexo printing trade association) is taking place this year in Sunne. The programme of talks, which is entitled “Earn more – rationalize and automate”, is designed to inform specialist visitors of business trends and innovations in the sector of flexo printing. Svetlana Hatton of Zecher’s sales team will be there at the exhibition stand of our sales partner RC Group for questions and discussions around our anilox rollers. You will find more information about this event on Sweflex’ website.

25. Oct. 2017 - 26. Oct. 2017W&H Symposium Cartagena, Colombia MORE INFORMATION

W&H Symposium

Cartagena, Colombia

from 25. October. 2017 to 26. October. 2017

The international printing machine manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher is inviting its customers to the “Packaging 4.0” symposium in Cartagena (Colombia) on 25-26 October, and we’ll be there too!  Participants can delve into various presentations about the world of innovative solutions for the packaging industry, given by industry experts. In addition, there will be workshops which incorporate the practical implementation of current industry trends for the visitors.

Visitors will discover how the standardisation of the anilox roller screen rulings can optimise their printing process in our Area Sales Manager Armin Hiltl’s presentation. Apart from that, Armin Hilt is looking forward to telling the participants all about our anilox rollers in a personal conversation at our exhibitor’s table.

26. Oct. 2017 - 26. Oct. 2017Dansk Flexo Forum: Autumn Seminar Kolbing, Denmark MORE INFORMATION

Dansk Flexo Forum: Autumn Seminar

Kolbing, Denmark

from 26. October. 2017 to 26. October. 2017

The autumn seminar of the Dansk Flexo Form will take place in Kolding this year, subsequent to the annual general meeting. As anilox roll manufacturer, we will be represented by our Area Sales Manager Svetlana Hatton, who will introduce to the visitors in her speech the possibilities for optimization with our innovative SteppedHex anilox engraving. Up-to-date information about this event is available on the webpage of the Dansk Flexo Forum.

07. Nov. 2017 - 10. Nov. 2017Andinapack Bogotá, Colombia MORE INFORMATION


Bogotá, Colombia

from 07. November. 2017 to 10. November. 2017

At Andina-Pack in Bogotá, we will be present at the stand of our sales partner, Sperling, to provide you with lots of information about our anilox rollers solutions for all of the different areas of application.

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