Laser cleaning

Rasterwalze in Laserreinigungsanlage

Deep cleaning at regular intervals is vital, in addition to normal everyday anilox cleaning, for ensuring high-quality print results. This lets you take full advantage once more, of the pick-up volume of your anilox rollers, and thus reap the same benefits as you would at the beginning of uniform colouring in the printing process.

In cooperation with LaserClean we can offer you a very good deep-cleaning method.


The advantages of laser cleaning

Microscopic imaging of our method shows how laser cleaning – in contrast to conventional procedures, which often fail to remove all residues – leaves the bottom of each anilox cell as clean and shining as those of a brand-new anilox roller. Our cleaning method removes all traces of ink and lacquer, without damaging the micro-structured surface of your anilox roller.

Laserreinigung, Foto der Walze, Vorher und Nachher

You too can now opt for this environmentally sustainable procedure.

  • There are no consumables, so acquisition and waste disposal costs are low.
  • There is no hazardous waste, which makes the process environment-friendly.
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the process.

The cleaning procedure

Lasers have been used to clean a variety of surfaces for several years. However, the LaserClean process is fine-adjusted to allow micro-structured ceramic surfaces to be cleaned without damage.

Funktionsprinzipien der Laserreinigung erklärt

The technology is based on what is known as the thermo-mechanical effect. The absorption of laser radiation briefly expands the dirt in the surface recess, which causes the thermo-mechanical properties of the material to change. A shock wave is generated, and this breaks the adhesion between the ink and the ceramic surface. Our laser cleaning process uses a relatively low level of laser radiation, which stays well within the melting temperature of the ceramic surface being treated. This allows us to guarantee a gentle anilox cleaning process.

Our recommended use

The cells on your anilox roller can become clogged with ink residues during use, which reduces the volume of the cells concerned. We therefore recommend that you subject your anilox rollers to laser cleaning at least twice a year, in order to prevent this occurring. For further information, please go to LaserClean.

Just contact us. We will be pleased to advise you about our anilox cleaning services!



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SteppedHex engraving technology

Our SteppedHex aniloxtechnology is characterised by its special, uniquely offset cell-geometry arrangement. This innovative engraving structure is now a registered design subject to German patent protection. It is based on the familiar 60° angle, but with a combination of three consecutively arranged conventional anilox cells to constitute an alternative engraving format. In order to let you take full advantage of our open SteppedHex anilox engraving, we have carefully matched the levels of resolution (in L/cm) to the corresponding range of volumes and application.

Optimising your printing performance

  • Increased resolution without loss of volume
  • Improved drainage performance
  • Uniform and homogeneous ink-transfer
  • Suitable for all inking systems

Our SteppedHex anilox engraving lets you benefit from improved lining of your anilox rollers, without any significant loss of volume during printing. Quiet running of your doctor blade on the surface of the anilox roller is likewise supported by this technology. Our SteppedHex rollers are characterised in particular by their specially offset engraving, which creates optimum conditions in the printing nip. Easy cleaning of your anilox rollers can have a marked influence on your printing performance.

The unique cellular format and radial layout of SteppedHex anilox engraving help the anilox cells to drain more efficiently, thereby making the roller easier to clean, especially if your printing machine is fitted with an automatic washing device. But this is not enough: The carefully matched levels of resolution (in L/cm) and the specific amount of offset provide you with defined, optimum support for your printing process, even when combined with a finer pattern.

SteppedHex anilox rollers and their areas of application

Is our anilox technology also suitable for your area of application? Its ink-transfer performance, which is enhanced by the cell design, allows you to use the procedure with any inking system. The transfer of white, gold and silver printing ink, together with lacquer and other special coatings, is particularly uniform and homogeneous. We will be pleased to advise you regarding special printing applications, and find a jointly acceptable anilox roller solution for your needs.


Zecher Brochure: SteppedHex Engraving