Deutsche Lichtmiete

New lighting concept

In recent years, Zecher’s existing lighting system has been replaced by LED lighting. For this purpose, a contract was concluded with the “Deutsche Lichtmiete” company. The company creates and operates lighting systems according to the latest technical possibilities. Only high quality LED lights made in Germany are used. Installation and maintenance are carried out by a local electrical company.

The energy consumption of a modern LED luminaire for a comparable conventional fluorescent tube is less than 8%, which is accompanied by a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions. LED lighting not only saves money, but is also important for environmental protection!
We save 149,432 kg* CO2 per year by using the “Deutsche Lichtmiete” system. The energy consumption for the lighting system was also reduced by 262,621 kWh* per year. This corresponds to a savings rate of 66.88 percent*.
* Calculated values ​​based on the available planning figures