Zecher Historie

No fewer than seventeen laser-engraving systems stand ready to perform your anilox-roller engraving tasks.


At this year's Drupa event we present our
innovative SteppedHex engraving - for an increased resolution without loss of volume.


Our sales network, which long ago began to stretch beyond our own borders, now includes distribution partners in more than 60 countries; all dedicated to providing onsite support.


This year’s Drupa event sees the initial launch of our “specifications pyramid”, designed to allow the optimisation of H.I.T. engraving technology for anything from white coverage to HD printing with maximum anilox resolution.


We always keep an eye on the state of the environment, and the installation of two block-type thermal power stations confirms our commitment to the sustainable use of energy.


Our new AniloxStrips allow you to take an onsite “fingerprint” of your roller, which we can then analyse on our premises in order to determine its state of repair.


Our team of employees is now 120 strong, and we are manufacturing anilox rollers with no fewer than twelve laser systems.


The Drupa event is again a launch venue; this time of our innovative surface finishing processes and the addition of further accessories to our range of products.


We celebrate our 50th anniversary as a company with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art coating system. We can now begin to set new standards in the field of coating technology.


After many years of research and tests involving laser-construction specialists, the time has come to offer a laser engraved ceramic roller.


Thanks to its high quality, Zecher has by now made a name for itself, with statistics that confirm its market leadership.


This year’s Drupa event sees the launch of our revolutionary 140l/cm F18.3. It delivers ink-transfer volumes that have never been achieved before.


Always with an eye on the future of printing, we deliver raster resolutions of 140-170 l/cm.


Thanks to continuous investment, we have a total of seven engraving systems.


Just one year later, Zecher takes a great innovative leap with the production an anilox-roller engraving with an angle of 45° for use in flexo printing. The use of a diamond-tipped stylus allows Zecher to improve existing rollers and supply fineness of 80 l/cm.


His pioneering spirit is encouraged by a series of enquiries from the printing industry, and he produces his first regularly engraved anilox roller.


It all starts with Kurt Zecher, a young entrepreneur with a wealth of ideas and a small workshop dedicated to galvanising and other surface treatments.