Hard chrome plating

The advantages of hard chrome plating

The functioning performance of the latest surface treatments needs to meet an increasingly more-complex set of demands. You are now able, with hard chrome plating as the future-looking surface treatment in this respect, to use a single surface to obtain all manner of mechanical and technical benefits. The extreme hardness and high resistance to wear and corrosion offered by hard chrome plating allows you to employ your workpieces in a wide range of applications.

The hard chrome layer

In contrast to the glossy, decorative chrome plating used on such items as motorcycle accessories, hard chrome plating involves a considerably thicker layer. This can amount to several millimetres, depending on the application concerned. Decorative chrome plating, by comparison, consists of a finish that is only a few thousandths of a millimetre thick. Hard chrome plating is applied with thicknesses of between 5 and 500 µm, depending on the mechanical stress and chemical corrosion to which the plated workpiece is likely to be exposed. We can also adapt the hardness of our chrome plating to the needs of your area of activity, usually with a range of variation between 900 and 1100 HV.

Zecher hard chrome plating
Zecher anilox hard chrome plating

Our processing options

We use various chrome plating processes, which depend on the eventual use of the work piece concerned. Our tailored hard chrome plating achieves such accurate and tight tolerances that no reworking of the workpiece is required. As no subsequent machining is necessary, tailored hard chrome plating also gives you an economic edge. Our extra-thick chrome plating meanwhile involves layers of up to 1 mm, and does require some subsequent customised machining. We apply this procedure to workpieces that need to meet particularly tough wear requirements.

Used in various applications

Hard chrome plated surfaces appear in a wide range of applications, including the gravure rollers used to print on film, the cooling cylinders employed in the food industry and even car shock absorbers. They all benefit from the beneficial properties of this treatment. The printing and coating technology sectors particularly appreciate the anti-adhesive properties of hard chrome plated surfaces. Our hard chrome plating process is tailored to the needs of geometrically complex component designs, and can meet the challenges posed by even the most complicated of shapes.

Would you like to know how your own area of activity could benefit from the hard chrome plating of workpieces? We will be pleased to provide further guidance.