1st mobile laser cleaning service in SEA for ceramic anilox

Introducing the 1st mobile laser cleaning service in SEA for ceramic anilox. Our sales & service partner in Thailand I.G.S., who is also, among others, the agent for Gallus printing machines, is the first in all SEA to offer…

Winner of the Sales Ranking 2019

The Kick Off Event with our international sales partners took place again at the beginning of the year. The annual winners of the Sales Ranking 2019 were honored by us at the event.

Direct customer support in Belgium

In Belgium we have been working together with the agency Vegram Graphics in recent years. Please note that this partnership has ended. Here at Zecher, we will of course continue to fully support our Belgium customers with our high quality anilox products and services.

30 years of Dortschy – Zecher

It’s been 30 years since the partnership between Dortschy GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld and Zecher GmbH in Paderborn, Germany, which continues to offer its German and Austrian customers added value.

Winner of the Sales Ranking 2018

In January 2018, the monthly Sales Ranking of our international sales partners started again. The annual winners were honored by us last month at the Kick Off event.

Kick Off Event 2019

This year, our Kick Off Event took place together with our sales partners from 24/01/2019-25/01/2019 in Stuttgart. On the first day, the current topics from sales and marketing were presented.

Additional partner in Turkey

With Daetwyler Rotoflex Emtia Ticaret A.S. we could win another partner for Turkey, who will take care of the Narrow Web area from now on. Due to the even wider range in Turkey, we can optimally serve the different customer needs.

New Partner in France

Since mid-March, we have a new sales partner in France. We are convinced that we have found the right partner for the French market with Daetwyler-Hell. As a customer you will benefit from the market knowledge.

Winner of the Sales Ranking 2017

Last month at the KickOff event, we awarded the annual winners of the 2017 Sales Rankings. It was Daetwyler from Russia who won the annual Zecher Sales Ranking with the best performance of our international anilox sales partners.

KickOff Event 2018

After a successful KickOff Event in 2017, we have organized another event with our sales partners at the beginning of this year. Our sales partners from all over the world and participants of Zecher met in Paderborn from January 16 to January 18, 2018.