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Joint trade show appearance with presentation of innovations

The existing partnership between the companies Ulmex and Zecher will be further strengthened by their joint appearance at the K trade show in Dusseldorf under the motto “Your perfect partners for your printing project”. Both companies have been working together successfully for several years and support each other in the sales of the products laser cleaning systems and anilox rollers.


Update Evolux laser cleaning systems: now also for solid rollers

The main focus of the joint appearance at the K trade show will be the presentation of the further developed Evolux laser cleaning machine from Ulmex. In addition to sleeves, this system is also capable of cleaning solid rollers efficiently and sustainably. The Evolux laser cleaning systems convince with their cleaning results, even with the most difficult residues of lacquers, adhesives, silicones and resins, a fully automatic cleaning process as well as maximum individual cleaning programs by using a pulse laser as the heart of the machines, where not only the power of the laser can be regulated but also the frequency and characteristics of the pulse can be calibrated. In addition, cleaning by the Evolux machines does not require the use of chemical detergents or solvents. This makes the machines particularly interesting for the food packaging sector and for companies that focus on environmentally conscious printing and cleaning.


Predictive Maintenance with Zecher App update

Zecher will provide information on anilox rollers and sleeves with the innovative SteppedHex engraving, as well as the Zecher App as a pioneering way of digitization in the printing industry. Launched just in time for the trade show, the latest update allows users of the app to maintain the condition of their anilox rollers and sleeves in the app after they have been inspected and to download an overview of the inspection history at any time. This allows them to keep track of the potential performance of their anilox rollers and sleeves and conduct predictive maintenance by minimizing downtime through targeted refurbishment or reordering. Anilox rollers that have been made by manufacturers other than Zecher can also be added to the inspection analysis, so that an overview of the performance and inspection history of the entire anilox roller inventory is possible with just a few clicks.