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Predictive maintenance with Zecher App

With the Zecher App, Zecher GmbH set a milestone in the digitalization of anilox roller and sleeve management at the beginning of the year. The latest update, launched just in time for K 2022, goes one step further and enables control of the conditions of the customer’s own roller fleet through the use of the app.

Maintain and control inspection results

By entering inspection results in the app, users are able to overview and control the condition of their roller park and, if necessary, take care of reconditioning or replacement at an early stage and in a targeted manner. By acting with foresight, downtimes can be minimized and resulting costs reduced. Information about volume, line screen, cleaning behavior and surface damages are collected and can be downloaded in a pdf table afterwards.

The latest update enables the input of inspection results of Zecher products as well as a manual addition of anilox rollers and sleeves from other manufacturers.