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75 years of Zecher – About pioneering spirit, people and innovations

Packaging, labels and cartons – the range of applications for anilox rollers is vast and can be found in almost everyone’s daily life. At Zecher, everything has been revolving around the anilox roller for 75 years now. An interview with Thomas Reinking, Head of Sales and Marketing, about 75 years of Zecher.

Mr. Reinking, the cornerstone for the Zecher GmbH was laid by Kurt Zecher in 1948. What do you know about the company’s founding?
Shortly after the end of the Second World War, the company founder and young entrepreneur Kurt Zecher had the idea of setting up his own small electroplating business. His knowledge of innovative surface treatments and specific inquiries from the printing industry led to the first regularly engraved anilox roller. Zecher’s pioneering spirit was a contributing factor to the economic upswing in those difficult years and provided security in uncertain times for the growing number of employees as a reliable and attractive employer.

What kind of person was Kurt Zecher?
For Kurt Zecher, the employees always came first. He realized early that further development and growth only happens when everyone is looking in the same direction and works together trustfully. He set an example and passed it on to his employees. This enabled Zecher to grow healthily and become a decisive factor in the printing industry.

What developments can you share from your time at Zecher?
In the last 8 years, Zecher GmbH has developed into a market-oriented company through an expanded product portfolio. In addition to the anilox roller and the further development of engraving technologies, other products such as printing cylinders and various cleaning solutions have been included. The strong focus on economic benefits, where the focus is on the positive monetary effect for end customers by using Zecher products, has also ensured customer growth at Zecher. Another positive effect was the switch to direct sales in the home market Germany.

What has been your highlight at Zecher so far?
My personal highlight at Zecher is its mutability, which has proved particularly useful in recent years. We have managed to develop an exclusively technically focused company into one that is still technical, but also economically and market oriented.

75 years of existence is quite an achievement. What is the secret behind the success and how do you see Zecher’s future?
The secret of success is clearly the identification of the employees with the company as well as constant, customer-oriented further development of the company. With the existing good technical and economic basis, as well as the developments that are already about to be implemented, we can look forward to a positive future together with our team. “With people for people” is a guiding slogan that applies to both the past and the future at Zecher.