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Innovative anilox laser cleaning

Benefit from our new anilox laser cleaning service now! Unlike conventional deep-cleaning methods, our innovative LaserEcoClean laser cleaning gently eliminates all ink and varnish residues. Regular deep cleaning is of crucial importance when it comes to high-quality printing. Conventional methods do remove residues, but often leave the job incomplete. Microscopic imaging of our method, on the other hand, shows how anilox laser cleaning leaves the bottom of each cell as clean and shining as those of a brand-new roller. Our anilox cleaning method removes all traces of ink and varnish, without damaging the micro-structured surface. This allows you to take optimised advantage once more, after cleaning with LaserEcoClean technology, of the volume capacity of your anilox rollers, and thus reap the same benefits as you would at the beginning of uniform colouring in the printing process. This deep-cleaning method also supposes an environment-friendly decision on your part, as there are no consumables, special waste or harmful chemicals to worry about. Try out the advantages of our new anilox laser cleaning service for yourself. For more information visit Innovations.